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Welcome to the Canadianportageproject WikiEdit

The Canadian Portage Project was designed to bring together the knowledge and experience of canoeists and kayakers everywhere in hopes of creating an accessible, visual, crowd sourced database of all the spectacular water routes that Canada has to offer. Through the CPP users can create and share content for the purpose of researching and exploring safe and enjoyable trips throughout our country.

How to contributeEdit

Here are 3 easy steps to contribute to the Canadian Portage Project. To contribute to the Canadian Portage Project, you'll need 3 things: A Google account, Google Maps, and Google Earth.

1) Acquire a google account so that you can access and edit the google maps page. Follow this link to get an account.

Get a Google Account

2) Once you've created and signed into your Google account, click on the following link to access the CCP Google map. This is where you can contribute new routes, portages, and information to the CCP map. WARNING: you will NOT see all the links on the Google maps page. The Google Maps page is ONLY for adding and editing. You need Google Earth to view all the entries.

Canadian Portage Project Map

3) To view the entire map with all its entries, download Google Earth and the Canadian Portages KML file. Open the KML file in Google Earth.

Download Google Earth

Download latest Canadian Portages KML file If you've used Google Earth for making your own routes, you can import your own KML files to the Google map page.

Want to contribute even more? Make an article of the route on our wiki page! Create an account and add your entry with the appropriate details. Click on the following link to view the template that we suggest.

Canoe route template

How to create a new article

You're now ready to contribute and view the Canadian Portage Project! Happy paddling!

The MapEdit

Canadian Portage Project Map

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